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By activating a position for $ 25, a person automatically takes a place in the trinar.

The project has 19 levels. You receive $ 1 from all 19 levels from each participant in your structure who came to the project later than you. And it doesn’t matter who invited them. Therefore, you create yourself an excellent long-term passive income.

Your structure in a 3 x 19 matrix increases exponentially 3,9,27,81, etc. up to level 19. Seats are distributed from top to bottom, from left to right.

There is no need to wait for the entire structure to be filled out, since for each position that other participants acquire, you receive a profit that is credited to you IMMEDIATELY on a Payeer wallet. No money is stored inside the project. By buying several positions, you confidently increase your income several times.

The table shows that when filling in only 10 levels of the matrix, your income will already be more than $ 80,000. This progression increases to level 19.

Partnership programme

Referral reward for a personally invited person + $ 5. This is an incentive for attracting partners and a long life of the project.

Even if you have not yet bought a position for $ 25, you still have the opportunity to receive referral rewards of $ 5 for each activated member who registered using your link.

How $ 25 is distributed:

$ 19 - instantly credited to 19 participants at 19 levels up.
For $ 1 each.

$ 5 - referral reward.

$ 1 - for project development, advertising, bonuses.

An example of making profit from each person in your structure:

Since the project provides for powerful overflows due to the allocated funds for advertising and higher leaders, this system is good both for active participants and those who do not know how or do not want to deal with invitations.

This is a huge multi level matrix. This makes it possible to make a very longterm profit!

Win various contests, get prizes and rewards!


The project provides bonus rewards for active participants:

  • Every 4th invited participant brings you an additional + $ 1
  • Every 25th invited participant brings you an additional + $ 5